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A website devoted to the recipes and menus catered to the 5:2/intermittent fasting diet.


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  1. ianinfrance
    ianinfrance at | |

    Hello world.

    Hello Lee subset of World.


  2. Ian Hoare
    Ian Hoare at | |

    The blog is quite slow.

  3. Lesley
    Lesley at | |

    What a good idea, its all in one place. Love the picture.

  4. Ian Hoare
    Ian Hoare at | |

    One comment here too. No need to log in as my name/email and website were all preloaded.

  5. Will Cocks
    Will Cocks at | |

    Leaving a comment. I haven’t done anything other than accessing the site.

  6. Will Cocks
    Will Cocks at | |

    A second comment made after logging out of wildfood and using a different browser.

  7. Will Cocks
    Will Cocks at | |

    However after filling in my details, they stay there for a second comment. There is no “log out” option that I can see.

  8. Lucinda
    Lucinda at | |

    I wonder if this will work…….. no need for me to log in at all Lee.

  9. Catherine
    Catherine at | |

    No real message. I had to log in. Delighted about this website though, thanks Lee

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