In the interests of full disclosure I’m NOT on the 5:2 diet, but I have been incorporating elements of it into my diet over the past year or so.

So-far I’ve lost about 12 stone in weight (about 167lb, or 76kg). And gone from 6/7XL to L/XL.

One thing thats seriously annoyed me in that year is the number of recipe websites and books that claim to cater to this plan, but in fact mainly just give a list of recipes which would normally only be the focus of a meal % which aren’t a full balanced plate of food.

The fact is a small pork chop and some apple slices might be 300calories, but WON’T fill you up without some veg on the side!

So with the help of a few friends (Many of whom ARE following 5:2 properly) the germ of this site was born. Every recipe will fit into the 5:2 diet, either as a whole meal in-of itself, or at the very least leave enough calories for you to add a plate-full of vegetables on the side.

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