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If you are in the Restaurant, Takeaway or Fast Food Industry [Fried Chicken, Chinese Takeaway, Kebab Houses, Indian Curry Houses etc, etc] and you do not have your own online ordering system along with a Digital Marketing System, then you are for sure missing out on large amounts of orders & revenues that otherwise would be coming into your business.

In addition to initially being able to take in orders direct to your food service company; having your own online menu food system will for sure open up massive business opportunities that could help you to take the organisation to the next level in generating massive amounts of revenues.

Your Own Restaurant Menu System

Order From Facebook Or Mobile App

Accept Incoming Orders From Smartphones.

The best way to maximise revenues is to have your own restaurant website along with a full online menu and ordering system …

… this is as opposed to simply hosting your business on some of the industry food marketing platforms that serve to drain the revenues that you generate through them.

Customers Can Make Table reservations & Order Ahead

Complete Online Takeaway Ordering System For Restaurants

Your takeaway food website will enable you to start up a deliver service if you wish and for every customer that comes through the door, you will be able to refer them to your food service website for direct repeat orders.

Add Ons

Come up with creative ways to provide customers with various food menu options and sell more.

Loyalty Points

Incentivize customers to come back to order from the restaurant menu over and over again.

Referral Marketing

Grow your food service business by using happy customers to tell friends, family and colleagues.

Coupons & Offers

Full system reporting on food menu sales provides excellent business planning data for marketing execution.

Why an Online Ordering Digital Marketing System is Crucial for Restaurant & Takeaway Companies

If you own a food service company be it a restaurant, fried chicken outlet, burger bar or kebab house and you don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place along with an online ordering system, then quite simply you are literally turning your back on huge amounts of additional revenues and profits due to the ongoing increase and surge in people wanting to order food online in advance of picking it up or having it delivered to their homes for convenience.

Coffee Shops

Allow customers to enjoy gourmet coffee in the comfort of their homes by [as an example] creating take away only coffe menu combinations; set your owne price and keep all of the revenues.

Expand Restaurant Reach

So many people never get the chance to sample restaurant quality food regularly, now you can expand the reach of your restaurant’s cheffing excellence.

Now You Do Not Have To Use One Of The Industry "Standard Restaurant Menu Order Systems In Order To Delivery Food Direct To Your Customers - Do It Your Way !!

The Restaurant & Takeaway Sector

The data shows that most of the companies in the restaurant and takeaway sector do not have an adequate internet marketing presence, many do not even have a website much less their own ordering system. But please do be aware that more and more businesses are starting to take advantage of this complete digital marketing solution.

The solution has been designed for restaurants, takeaways, coffee shops, wine bars and eateries in order to increase their orders and at this point, the question to ask is how much at risk your company is for being left behind if you don’t bring your business into the 21st Century by adopting critical digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Why an Online Ordering Delivery System is Game Changing

Let’s say you have a Restaurant, Fried Chicken Outlet, Curry House, Burger Bar, Kebab House, Chinese Takeaway or any other form of fast food takeaway business right now but you don’t have an online food ordering system. You maybe have a website and that’s it.

Now picture this scenario where a group of people are having a party close by, the drinks are flowing, they’re playing cards and they decide they want to get some chinese food, kebabs, fried chicken, pizza or curry in to enjoy. So, they get onto Google and they do a search for local takeaways.

Order Placed & Received Via App

Your website comes up in the list (assuming you have one and if you are running consistent digital marketing campaigns to promote the website !!) but when they click the link and take a look, they realize they can’t order online. They don’t much fancy listing 30 different items over the phone while everyone shouts in the background, or paying in cash when your delivery service turns up… so instead they go to the next site on the list and order from theirs instead.

Mobile Friendly Design

Customers can conveniently order from a phone or tablet wherever they are.

Delivery Areas

Check delivery based on zip or postal code to ensure its within range

Keep All Revenues

Instead of paying extortionate commissions to industry standard platforms, all order payments go direct to the business owner.

Payment Processing

Take orders through multiple payment gateways and handle discount codes and offers

SMS Text Message Notification

Get notified of orders for cooking, preparation and to get delivery done.

Promote Business

Now as every customer enters the restaurant be sure to let them know to place their next order direct via the online menu.

Something Has To Change ... In Summary

What Is Needed Is A Complete Restaurant Menu Ordering Digital Marketing Solution For Your Restaurant Or Takeaway Outlet

…a simple, mobile-friendly and secure solution that will let people simply select the items they want from a list by going directly to your own company website and not via a portal which means that there are never any commissions for your to pay out, the customers pay online and then wait for the food to turn up. or come in to collect it.

Expand Your Cheffing Reach Online Menu Ordering Solution For Restaurants & Takeaways

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, now you have the capabilities to expand your cheffing skills with an online restaurant menu ordering solution and you get to keep all of the revenues !!

Serve Delicious Drinks Direct To Homes Online Menu Ordering Solution For Restaurants & Takeaways

Maybe you happen to have skill for making a range of delicious & tasty drinks both alcoholic and soft that your customers would love to have served to them in the comfort of their homes.

Delicious Food Outside The Restaurant Online Menu Ordering Solution For Restaurants & Takeaways

Completely expand the scope of your food making skills how ? by referring customers to your personal restaurant menu online order solution so that thay can come direct to you as opposed to an industry portal.

Complete Online Ordering & Digital Marketing Promotion System

Instead of using a system that costs you 10% or more per sale, why not let us handle your online ordering service & digital marketing for you? For a single one-off fee and a flat monthly fee that is not tied to how much revenue you generate through the website, we’ll build and host a platform that you can use to take orders, to manage deliveries, offer coupons and do LOTS more. Because you’ll be dealing with directly, you can make sure that your order page turns out just the way you want it to and you can ask for changes and revisions.

It’s Time to Start Welcoming

The Thousands of Customers

In Your Area Who Order Online

Facebook Restaurant Menu Integration

Online Food Ordering Payments

Set Delivery Area Parameters

There Are No Ongoing Commissions To Pay To Any Industry Standard Portal

And Get To Keep All Of The Revenues Within The Food Service Business

Sell The Food You Want When You Want

Refer All Existing Customers To Your Specific Restaurant Online Menu Ordering Website.

AS SOON as we have set up your restaurant online ordering menu solution, your diners will realize just how quickly and easily they can order from you and that’s precisely what they’re going to start doing! Better yet, once they’ve experienced how quickly and easily they can get food through your company website …..

….. they’re going to think of you first the next time they want to order something. Remember that most business comes through repeat customers and they will become aware of your restaurant business website through our ongoing marketing and when you tell them about it during their customary visits.

Online Food Ordering System Features

The systems we implement can handle every aspect of your online orders. Here are just a few more things it will be able to do with no need for you to take any action…

Delivery Areas

Decide where you wish you deliver, arrange for your own staff members to be available using whatever transport your wish.

Coupons & Discounts

Provide incentives for customers to sign up, to refer the restaurant ordering menu solution to friends, colleagues and family & for repeat purchases.

Promotions & Prizes

Create your own food service menu with various addons, drinks, options as well as bundles to encourage customers to order more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely no; all of the monies that are generated through the website in fact go straight into the account of the restaurant or takeaway. You as the company owner get to keep all of the money that you make.
Do We Have To Pay Ongoing Commissions ?
We offer a full hands free service, we purchase all of the necessary hosting for you as well as your company domain name; we will take your existing menus and create them within the digital market space. We will purchase and install the necessary hardware on your premises – in summary, you need to do nothing !
How Does The Installation Process Work ?
This is quite simple, there is an initial one time payment for the website design & development and configurations. This also includes setup of the social media and search engine marketing campaigns. After that there is a flat monthly fee for hosting and marketing – irrespective of how much money you make !
What About Payment ?
We Capid Houser [a search engine social media marketing agency ] will configure the platform so that customers will only be able to order food to be delivered to specific cities and other areas.
System Configuration
This is quite simple as we see things, the restaurant will be able to make use of one of their staff members using a small car of moped to make the deliveries. With all of the commissions that will be saved from using one of the main channels - this can easily be implemented.
How Do We Arrange Delivery ?
During the configuration phase we connect up your payment receiving gateway [via paypal] - this ensures that all of the food menu payments items go direct to your business account - there are zero commissions to pay !
How Do We Receive Customer Payments ?

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